Barcelona Cooking: The Recipes

We present one of those projects that leaves you with a good taste in your mouth. It is none other than Barcelona Cooking: The Original Recipes or, in other words, the official recipe book of the Barcelona Cooking school.

From their headquarters in la Rambla, right next to la Boqueria, Cándido and Emma run a school where love for local gastronomy is cooked on a daily basis. They contacted us because it was time to bring together their core knowledge in the form of a book, so that students could put it into practice. We therefore worked on a recipe book with their most representative dishes, putting special emphasis on capturing the essence of the school while showing the recipes in an easy way. Add to the mix an illustrated cover, with characters coming and going from the market, and scribbled endpapers with scenes from the classes themselves, and you have starters, main course and dessert.

In the studio we made the illustrations and designed and laid out the recipe booklet. The printing, impeccable, was done by I am Nuria

It is a small book that contains large doses of gastronomic wisdom in a delicious format. A totally MMMM project!