We’re glad to introduce MMMMitjons, our very own socks!

In the studio we are constantly looking for ways to work that feel true to our values, as well as new ways to have fun. That is how MMMMitjons comes to life: a project that contains feminism, sustainability, experimentation, curiosity, personality, challenges, and of course lots of color.

By the end of each year we put a new model on sale, which can be purchased until we run out of units. Check below the ones we have made so far!




This design embodies cooperation and mutual support under the slogan "TOGETHER WE CAN GO FARTHER", in a pattern of women who support and lift each other to reach the top. The elaboration is from organic cotton, following the ecological processes of our colleagues in Happori.




This collection consists of two pairs of socks that engage in dialogue and complement each other. On the one hand they talk about the work process in the studio: there is brainstorming, pieces that fit together, feedback, tests, variety, laughter. On the other hand, they encourage you to get caught up in color, to mix and match and to go out in the street with a playful attitude. Combine them!

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