Rocío R. Minguela

Rocío is a psychologist, and she is known for her close accompaniment. This is what she told us when she called to develop her graphic identity, wanting to focus on the more human approach to therapy. To achieve this, we started from the idea of the face-to-face, seeking to capture that intimate mode of communication that takes place in sessions where people meet and establish a connection.

This takes shape in the logo by playing with typography. There the R’s (the initials standing out) adopt a personality of their own and face each other, representing this encounter. It suggests two faces in profile (forehead, eye and nose), symbolising therapist and patient, looking at each other.

The logo can be used directly or, if it needs to be reduced to an icon, use only the two R's facing each other. These can also appear forming the whole face in specific applications, achieving a more visual image and reinforcing the notions of empathy and understanding.

Applied to stationery, posters, signage, online communication and web design. Thank you, Rocío!