Welcome to the barrio

Oriol Miñarro is a photographer camouflaged as a carpet vendor. He works in a store in Urquinaona square, in Barcelona, and he doesn’t have enough time to go eat lunch in his home in La Garriga. That is why he started strolling through the Raval neighborhood during his breaks. Many people have walked those streets, but not many have seen everything Oriol captures through his lens. Photographer Toni Amengual saw it very clear, and encouraged him to share his unique perspective with the world.

A few months later they knocked on our door, asking us to materialize the most intense book about the Raval. We envisioned a book with minimal graphic application, touches of bright red and a very neutral typography. The cover was printed on a rough textured paper: as well as the photographs, it should not leave anyone holding it indifferent.

The result is an elegant book where the pictures have the maximum prominence. As for the art direction, we worked together with the two photographers to make sure that the images on each double page have graphic and narrative coherence. As for the experience, the book provokes both admiration and rejection in equal measure, proving the curious and innate talent of Oriol Miñarro.