Share the Magic

The Christmas 2021 campaign of the City Council of Vilafranca was based on a song created specifically for the occasion. The song was addressed to the Three Wise Men, and it encompassed a series of Christmas values: generosity, gratitude, family, friendship, hope, emotion and, above all, illusion. This is the origin of the campaign claim: "Share the Magic".

The aim of the graphic was to give prominence to people, highlighting the ability to make wishes come true through the actions of each person. The scenes were drawn in a childish yet recognizable style. They represent people helping each other, hugging each other, giving each other gifts and being marvelled in general, with the Three Wise Men infiltrated as citizens. The campaign aimed to engage a diverse population into participate in a shared Christmas spirit.

The applications derived from this project were social media materials, physical posters and a magical hand programme.