There are many storage rooms that are fine, but why would you want the number one when you can have ElCuarto?

ElCuarto is an identity project developed throughout 2023 with a lot of fondness, and consists of a storage room business, but not just any kind of storage room. They aim to pay attention to diversity, orienting their services to all types of people and families, and aspire to be, more than a warehouse, an extension of each home.

We covered all aspects, from the naming (casual, denoting familiarity) to the logo (with a custom-made font, solid and powerful, that reflects the ideas of space utilization and modular shelves with orderly elements), through the graphic universe that accompanies the brand. This consists of a series of geometric characters, varied and fun, compiled in eight illustrations. They focus on both relationships and hobbies, and the color palette brings life and joy.

ElCuarto is already up and running, with the graphics applied to signage and vinyling of the building, stationery, flyers and web content. Thanks for counting on us; when we order too many mmmmitjons we’ll know who to call!