Associació Catalana per la Pau

The Catalan Association for Peace is an organization committed to the transformation of the living conditions of the most disadvantaged populations and the achievement of fairer social structures, the full expression of individual and collective rights, and the eradication of poverty.

We redesigned the corporate identity keeping the previous colors, since they are still representative of the brand, and introduced shapes that suggest dynamism, cooperation, diversity and union. Like pieces that fit together while representing a diverse and changing world.

For the merchandising campaign we created friendly characters that come in different colors and shapes, insisting on the recognition and appreciation of diversity, in order to emphasize one of the most important objectives of the ACP with a clear message: equality. We also created a baseline to accompany the logo on the merchandising pieces: "Me, you, everyone". A message in which we get involved and involve other people, reinforcing the idea of ​​cooperation and union to live in a more just society.

The claim "All over the world. All rights. All people" is a common message in the organization that gets perfectly integrated into the merchandising pieces, coexisting with the brand's new baseline.